Welcome to the Cherryfield-Narraguagus Historical Society

Welcome back to the Cherryfield-Narraguagus Historical Society (CNHS), and Happy 2024!

We are excited to announce that the Cherryfield-Narraguagus Historical Society gained seven new Board Members in November 2023, enabling us to remain an active and vibrant community organization! We are fortunate that many people have moved to Cherryfield over the past several years, fallen deeply in love with the town’s history and character, and are now restoring homes and creating new businesses in the Historic District – some of our new Board members are among them.

We are pleased to introduce the new Officers and Directors of the Cherryfield-Narraguagus Historical Society:

  • Crystal Hitchings, President – Crystal grew up in Cherryfield. In 2020-she returned to her childhood home on Blackwoods Road so she could call Cherryfield home again!
  • Mary Knapp Young, Vice President – Mary has lived in Cherryfield most of her life and has managed numerous businesses, including Back in The Good Old Days, a thrift and craft store in the 1860 A.L. Stewart’s Building.
  • Cynthia Robertson, Treasurer – Cindy, her daughter Julia, and son Denis bought the 1794 & 1825 Campbell/Burbank House on Wilson Hill Road Cherryfield in 2016 and look forward to living here year-round as soon as renovations are complete.
  • Rick and son, Ethan Harter, Directors – Rick and Ethan moved to Cherryfield from Florida in 2021. They now live with their family in the 1850’s Harriman House on Elm Street, adjacent to the Historical Society Museum.
  • Lunn Sawyer and Denise Lavoie, Directors- Lunn and Denise moved to Cherryfield from Southwest Harbor in 2022 and now live in the “Wakefield House” on North Street.

The Board has two primary goals for 2024. The first is to educate ourselves about the existing historical archives and complete necessary maintenance and repairs on the Historical Society building and grounds.  We are fortunate to have Kathy Upton and Larry Brown, former President and Vice-President of the Society, to support us in our learning process and transition! Our second goal is to develop new tools and programming to help us engage with more and younger residents and friends of Cherryfield, starting with building a new website and planning exhibits and programs.

In 2024 we will share stories of Cherryfield through this newsletter in context with what is happening in Cherryfield today. We will highlight new businesses, building restorations, community programs and infrastructure, habitat restoration, and other important happenings.

Over many years, the people of Cherryfield have achieved small and large steps toward a long-time community goal to revitalize the downtown and bring new activity to the heart of Cherryfield. We are excited to work with our many community partners to achieve this. Thank you for your continued support of the Cherryfield Historical Society, and we wish you all an “historic” 2024!


Crystal Hitchings, Board President
on behalf of the Cherryfield-Narraguagus Historical Society Board of Directors