About Cherryfield-Narraguagus Historical Society

88 River Road Cherryfield Historical Society

Cherryfield~Narraguagus Historical Society Museum

The Cherryfield – Narraguagus Historical Society was formed in 1974 by J. Phillip Harriman and Margery Brown. The purpose for the society was to preserve the history of Cherryfield before any more of it was lost forever. We were very fortunate that many towns’ people donated artifacts and family histories to the society. We have a great deal of information on the lumbering industry and the mills in town. We are open to the public during the summer and by appointment. We are available to any schools in the area for tours, and go to the schools to do presentations if asked. We feel that it is very important to open up the past to our children. It makes one more connected to their community if they understand the history of their town. Our goal is to bridge the past to the future.

We are currently working on the museum building. Future displays will include a lady’s bedroom, a school room, and Grandma’s Attic. We are also collaborating with Destination Cherryfield to update the former Historic Walking Tour Brochure.

CNHS Officers and Directors

Officers for 2017 are:

  • Pres: Kathy Upton
  • Vice-President: Cheryl Brown
  • Secretary: Cara Sawyer
  • Treasurer: Joanne Willey

Directors for 2017 are:

  • Larry Brown
  • Kathy Winham
  • Leonard Willey
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